Suddenly, choose Celebs like Celine once again

Chanel, Hermès as well as Louis Vuitton always dominate celeb tastes, however the 4th as well as 5th many prominent labels vary from year to year as well as season to season (and even Louis Vuitton’s 3rd location slot has not always been as rock solid as it is in 2020). For a number of years, Celine was absolutely in the top 5, however it had close competition from Dior, Saint Laurent, Gucci as well as Givenchy. Occasionally, Chloé, Valentino or Balenciaga may capture in for a bit. however on this day in bag history, celebs are bring Celine in a method that suggests to me that Celine is making a play for the top 5 when more. Kaitlin just recently composed that brand loyalty is difficult to hold on to amidst huge designer exits as well as entrances, as well as that is definitely true. however Celine’s may be on the upswing.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes was snapped heading to her hair beauty salon in new York City with a black Celine Triomphe Chain Bag in tow.

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Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman was seen carrying one of her youngsters around Los Angeles, together with her treasured Dior Addict Bag. brand loyalty is definitely not a issue for Natalie: She’s been bring an Addict (with diverse strap combos) because early 2018.

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Lara Spencer
GMA presenter Lara Spencer was seen heading into GMA with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I discover her sweatshirt extremely relatable.

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Kelly Bensimon
RHONY star Kelly Bensimon was found wielding around this large Birkin at a crosswalk in Soho.

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Kacey Musgraves
Also seen in Soho this week: Kacey Musgraves as well as her sumptuous Celine huge Bag. We haven’t seen sufficient of Kacey around these parts to get a genuine feel for her bag preferences, so this is fascinating research.

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Sienna Miller
Further proof that Celine is extremely much the preferred today: Here’s Sienna Miller, bring a sleek, off-white Celine Trotteur Bag around NYC.

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Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale is still out promoting her Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene. right here she is at develop with a distinctive, multicolored BOYY Karl 24 Bag.

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Jessica Simpson
Finally, we have Jessica Simpson, likewise making the press rounds in new York City to promote her new memoir, open Book. She’s bring a unusual as well as almost vintage ostrich Louis Vuitton Macha Waltz Bag.

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